24 - Atlanta, GA
I'm Silverstein and Seuss with jumper-cables to the balls.
Unless otherwise noted, all poetry and creative writing it the original work of Owen B. Anderson. All work is © copyright, but please share and give due credit.


A baseball cap retired today

A baseball cap retired today.

Frayed and worn, it tells tales of many heads.

Rescued from the crashing waves of a merciless ocean,

I breathed into it’s cotton blend, my own life.

Days of sun and rain and warehouse dust

settled beneath the threadbare bill,

worn ragged along the edges

by a minimum wage nine-to-five.


This cap has many stains, many triumphs and regrets,

soaked in blood, sweat, and beers

spilled in pool halls, bars, and backyard brawls.

The Velcro hooks no longer hold onto the tired, stretched linen.

Embroidered with a ,now withered, Corona commercial

it is miles away from ordinary.

It is a voyager, a vagabond, a testament to lives lived.

This cap tells tales of many heads.